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Clinically Researched Formula For:
  • Anti-inflammatory & Remove Dead Cells
  • Fight with fungal infections efficiently.
  • Eliminates toxins, oxidative stress & free radicals
  • ​Improved Elastic and Hydrated Skin
  • ​Eliminates toenail fungus
  • Eliminates wrinkles
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Why Choose Kerassentials Oil ?
Kerassentials-clinical research
What is Kerassentials Oil?
Fingernails and toenails are vulnerable to infections and injuries because of their locations in the body. They comprise three tissue layers, also known as keratin. Keratin is a protein also found in abundance in the hair and is made from amino acids.

Nails are beneficial because they strengthen the toes and fingertips, safeguard the finger and toe endings from infections, improve sensations and boost motion capabilities.

Deformed, brittle nails and foul-smelling feet could be symptoms of an underlying medical condition or a nail fungus. It is best to use a product that addresses the root problem of nail issues and prevents recurring fungal infections.

Kerassentials supplement is a natural formula designed to target the root cause of nail and skin concerns. It comes as a liquid supplement that can be easily applied to your nails. The ingredients involved are natural and backed by research to restore as well as maintain youthful nail and skin health.

Dr. Kimberly Langdon is the one behind the making of this skincare formula as per the Kerassentials supplement is official website. She is an international fungal expert and is passionate about the ability of plants to naturally treat various ailments. Dr. Langdon is also said to have developed different medical devices to support healthy nails.

How Does Kerassentials Works?

The scientists from the U.S Centers for Disease Control and Prevention reported that when people use antibiotics to remove fungus but stop short of killing the fungus in their roots, they risk mutating the fungus into a stronger one. This leads to an anti-fungal resistance making it impossible to get rid of the fungus.

Kerassentials nail care oil resolve this issue by supporting a fungus-free life without worrying about itching and foul smell. Combining 100% natural ingredients, Kerassentials skincare drops helps you enjoy flawless skin and nails.They are filled with beneficial fatty acids and rich in Vitamin E, which protects the skin layers and enables anti-aging properties.

Kerassentials act on the present fungi on your toenails or fingernails by removing its support of life from the environment and suppressing the breeding room for the fungi. It further helps in keeping the wound dry and free of any moisture so that the infection does not spread any further.

Finally, it acts on the wound by ensuring that no new microbes enter the wound or deteriorate the condition further. However, irrespective of the working of the medicine, it is very important to take actions of personal care as well. This includes cutting the nails frequently, keeping the hands and legs dry and clean, etc.

Real Kerassentials Users.

Read here Kerassentials customer reviews and See the life-changing results with Kerassentials oil and also see what the Kerassentials verified customers are saying...
Kerassentials-real- Users
Paul Roland enjoys his healthy nails and skin…
Paul Roland says that Kerassentials is hands down the best toe fungus treatment. He says the formula gave his healthy nail back, that too within a few weeks. He added that if he knew about Kerassentials before, he had spent lots of dollars on useless medications that only worsened his condition. Roland recommends Kerassentials to anyone who is looking for an effective and natural solution to toenail fungus that is affordable. 
Thank you so much! - ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
Paul Roland - New York City, USA
Merin Smith was surprised after  her nails started growing back healthily
Retired pharmacist Merin Smith says that she started using Kerassentials with a lot of skepticism because she didn’t see how a natural formula could be more efficient in treating toenail fungus than the common medication. But as there was no harm in giving the formula a try, she started trying it. All of her skepticism washed away within a few days of using Kerassentials. Smith says that she was surprised to see her nails were normal and healthy and there wasn’t even a single yellow stain on her nail. She also says that she took the formula for four months, and during this period, she says not only did she get rid of toenail fungus, but her nails started growing back healthily.
It will definitely work for you too! - ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
Merin Smith - New York, USA
Monica Clarkson says Thank you Kerassentials 
Monica Clarkson, a fashion designer in California says that before using Kerassentials for toenail fungus she thought that she would always have cover to foot in sneakers or boots and she will never be able to wear heels or footwear she likes. Clarkson says that she has tried many medications and consulted numerous doctors, but none of them gave her a permanent solution. Also, the medication she used only worsened her toenail fungus. Monica says that Kerassentials has worked wonders on her nails, and she is completely free of the toenail fungus that has been making her insecure for a long time. She added that if she didn’t know about Kerassentials, she would still be covering her nails in a pair of socks or boots.
Thank you! - ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
Monica Clarkson- Ohio, USA
Jennifer is happy with her skin…
“I’ve tried many products to get rid of climate change fungus which had damaged my looks . I even had medical treatment for around 5-6 months  but nothing worked , the fungus returned. Kerassentials is the only thing that actually helped. Trust me you will be surprised too after using this oil ,it can removed almost any skin fungus.
”has shared the product with her entire family…Thank you! - ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
Jennifer D. Wyoming, USA

Kerassentials Ingredients

Kerassentials-levebder oil

Lavender Oil

  • Protects nail keratin
  • ​Supports the nails and skin
  • ​Fights against strong fungus

Organic Flaxseed Oil

Organic Flaxseed Oil

  • Boosts skin’s natural immunity
  • Helps with inflammation
  • Superfood for your skin
Almond Oil

Almond Oil

  • Helps prevent fungus
  •  Protects against infections
  • ​Supports healthy nails
Tea Tree Oil

Tea Tree Oil

  • Strong antifungal properties
  • Helps curb fungus growth
  • Safe and effective

Lemongrass Oil

Lemongrass Oil

  • Efficient antifungal
  • Prevents future infection
  • Helps with inflammation
Aloe Vera

Aloe Vera

  • Soothes the skin
  •  Strong antifungal
  • ​Moisturizes the skin


  • Stable form of Vitamin E
  • ​Protects the skin
  • Prevents skin aging
Isopropyl Palmitate

Isopropyl Palmitate

  • Targets fungus’ root
  • Supports healthy nails
  • Helps clear the skin
Undecylenic Acid

Undecylenic Acid

  • Beneficial fatty acid
  • Helps prevent fungus
  • Helps protect the nails

Refund Policy Of Kerassentials


No Questions Asked,
60 Days Guarantee…
If You Don’t Love It, You Don’t Pay!

Here’s my promise to you:
Kerassentials is backed by a 100% money back guarantee for 60 full days from your original purchase. If you're not totally and completely satisfied with this product, your results or your experience in the first 60 days from your purchase simply let us know by calling our toll free number or dropping us an email and we'll give you a full refund within 48 hours of the product being returned. That's right, simply return the product, even empty bottles, anytime within 60 days of your purchase and you'll receive a full, 
No Questions Asked 

Benefits of Kerassentials

  •  Kerassentials can be a risk-free investment. This natural supplement will only contain pure ingredients.
  •  ​Kerassentials is an easy-to-use product. You can apply it easily to the affected areas.
  •   If you face itching and inflammation issues in your skin, regular use of this blend can help your skin feel much better.
  •  The serum helps boost the natural immunity of the cells that help combat the fungi infections effectively.
  •  ​Kerassentials removes fungus from your nails and protects your toenails from the reocurrence of the fungus.
  •  You can have well-hydrated and soft skin by regularly using Kerassentials.
  • ​ Kerassentials is a safe product with natural ingredients. It doesn’t have any side effects.
  • ​ Dr Kimberly Langdon has created this product after several experiments. The effective ingredients are excellent for itchy, scaly skin, smelly feet, and yellow, brittle nails.
  • ​ If you’re worried about the efficacy of the product, dont worry. The official website provides a 60-day money-back guarantee.
  • ​ You can trust this product’s effectiveness because it is designed and created by a specialist. Dr Kimberly is a leading fungal expert who knows much about plant-based extract and chemicals.
  • ​ Helps in reducing the pain in nails and the surrounding skin
  • ​It's the best toenail fungus remover oil , it can remove nail fungus , fungus gnats , foot fungus , toe nail fungus , toe fungus .

Kerassentials FAQ's

. Who is the manufacturer of Kerassentials nail fungus eliminator?
Dr. Kimberly Langdon is the lady behind this potent formula that helped hundreds of people in aiding better hair and nails.
. Is Kerassentials formula safe for regular use?
Yes, Kerassentials oil is safe for regular use as there are no side effects reported on the supplement by valid customers. The supplement doesn’t contain any toxic compounds or stimulants so there is no fear about any adverse effects on your health.
. Is Kerassentials backed with a money-back guarantee?
Kerassentials comes with a 60-day money-back guarantee that too with no questions asked. If Kerassentials does not prove to be the ideal formula for your desired goals, simply email the manufacturer within 60 days and you’ll receive a full refund.
. What is the recommended dosage of the supplement?
As per the Kerassentials official website, it is recommended to apply this natural oil at least 4 times a day for better results.
. Does the supplement have an expiry?
Yes, it is advised to use the Kerassentials supplement within 2 years from the date of manufacturing for better results and to avoid adverse effects from this supplement.
. Is the supplement backed with any money-back guarantee?
Yes, the Kerassentials manufacturer offers a 60-day money-back on the supplement.

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